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Alura is a leading global animal health and nutrition company. In India, they regularly take part in animal health and poultry exhibitions to showcase their products and engage with the customers. As an ongoing exercise, FREO teams up with Alura to design these customer experience zones to best reflect their brand.

This particular customer engagement stall was designed for the Poultry India exhibition held in Hyderabad, 2019. Four distinct zones were configured to allow the company members to connect intimately with the customers. The welcome area highlighted the core belief of the company – Making Possibilities for Life. The product experience zone allowed customers to get a more hands-on experience of the products and learn how they can benefit from it. The top deck transported the customer to a world they could never forget–it was a virtual reality experience zone where they could get a tour of the chicken’s digestive system and learn how Alura’s products made a difference to the animal’s health. Finally, there was a more private meeting zone.

The three sides of the stall also provided the perfect canvas to cohesively showcase the many facets of the company. So no matter from which direction a customer approached, they always got a good picture of the company.


  • Sanjay
  • Samantha
  • Prashant
  • Prem
  • Rob Rippens — Alura

What we did

  • Communications
  • Environment
alura-isometric view
alura-front view
alura-isometric view
alura-top view
alura-a image
reception-desk-1 view
stall-left view